Friday, April 13, 2012

An update from Projet Worth and Outreach and other news

Got an email from Project Worth and Outreach and the girls got the 24 dresses with socks and underwear right in time for easter and waiting to wear them that day!  Awesome!

Getting ready for a big SoDAG event this Wednesday as there is a group of homeschoolers and their moms coming to sew!  I've been told where to flip the switch for the breaker if need be!   Then another Sodag the following Saturday!

I'm working on a big project to bring more awareness to the plight of  our girls in light of the human sex trafficing that is going on aroudn the world. What I'm doing is a small thing, I know but giving a girl a dress made by someone no matter where they are in the little town of Brookings Oregon in the USA or in a third world country nor what the financial status is of the child.  Its about  bringing dignity and compassion for the  child.   I've heard stories from adults who attended Good News Clubs as children where for some the snack was the only meal they got for the day.  It was the love and compassion of another that made the difference in that child's life.

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