Friday, April 20, 2012

Sodag on 4/18/12

What an awesome event!  15 women and children joined us to make dresses for girls!  12 dresses were made and yes I found my favorite in the bunch!  I didn't realize how exhausted I was until I got home an hour after it was over!   I've got a second one this week on Saturday at Living Waters Foursquare from 10-2 and am expecting great things!

I recieved a huge donation of sheets and pillowcases and blankets and  tomorrow I'm maked dresses out of the velour blankets to make for pinafores to go over peasant dresses for girls in the Appalacians for next winter. 

I've put feelers out in the Medford area (my stopping grounds!) to see if  there is anyone who would like to host a SoDAG event there.  Love it when I can go "home" for a couple of days to see my family!

This is a favorite of mine of the peasant dresses that we did recently.  At first I was a little hestant of the lizards but it was so cute with the pinafore over it!  Check out my FB page for photos from the past SoDAG event: Dress A Girl Around the World-Southern Oregon

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