Monday, March 26, 2012

Update on Project Worth and Outreach

Got an  email today from Mary and the tornado hit the Appalacian area where they are located.  For the next few SoDAG sessions we will be working on making peasant dress sets for the girls.  I will be looking for pj's also to send and we have a pattern for making nightgowns if you have flannel fabric to donate.   Email me at Thank you.

Sodag is expanding!

What an awesome couple of months! There was an article in the local paper about SoDag in January,

and from that it seems as if SoDag has exploded in our area!  There are more sewers and more donations coming in for giving a girl a dress of their own.

While searching the net I came across a peasant pattern that I incorporated to use with the pillowcase dress to send to young girls in the Appalachians.   We recieved several short sleeved t-shirt dresses from a local organization that we matched up sweaters and sweatshirts for the other girls ( we were short 5 sweaters), and sent several skirt sets ( a skirt made out of a t-shirt and a long sleeve t-shirt to match).  Another local store donated socks to go with each dress and there was a donation of bracelets to hekp with the ensemble.  So far we've sent two boxes to Project Worth and Outreach.

I am  working on trying to do something locally to incorporate what we do around the world.  I will give updates as they come about.  If you would like to help please email me at