Monday, May 14, 2012

Dress A Girl Dress pattern


On July 24th I did a pillowcase dress making event at our church. While we were there and brainstorming we came up with a new pattern to use. Below is what we came up with.

Pillow Case Dress Pattern-Sewn on straps version

Lay pillowcase on cutting board. Cut off 2” from the top. This will be the sewn on straps. Cut straps in two and cut off ends. Set aside.

Cut a 4” x 4” “J” on the sides for arm holes.

Turn down top ½ inch and then another ½ inch to conceal raw edges. Press.

Cut two 7” pieces of ¼ or ½ inch elastic
Sew casing leaving open to pull the 7” elastic through.

Sew on bias tape covering the arm holes.

Lay the cut 2” pieces flat and iron. Fold all raw edges in ¼ inch.

Fold ends of straps over raw edges of bias tape at arm holes from front to back of dress. Sew edges and side seams together. Finish with a an “X” at the ends to secure the strap to the dress.

The finished project:
Okay, I'm doing a challenge for the week for my area and also for those outside the area

First of all if you'd like to be on my email list as I starting to send out email updates about SoDag and its projects you can email me at and I'll add you to my list.

Here's the Challenge:

Start making dresses this week using the patterns at and post your dresses by Sunday May 20th to my FB page "Dress A Girl Around the World-Southern Oregon" and the one with the most dresses I will send you an "Dress A Girl" bottle cap necklace. 

If you are wondering where to send the dresses to you can send them to:

C/O Living Waters Foursquare Church
P O Box 2783
Brookings Oregon 97415

These dresses will be set aside for a project that I'm setting up to to to Thailand to help stop the human sex trafficking there.  For more information on what my friend will be doing in Thailand go to his blog at

Thank you!