Monday, March 7, 2011

A skirt pattern I found made out of a t-shirt

Claudia had this on her blog so I am copying and pasting it to mine to see if anyone would like to do this project on the 19th of March for our DAG event.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Southern Oregon DAG

This is the blog for Southern Oregon Dress A Girl Around the World.

Dress A Girl around the World is an ongoing project started by Rachel Eggum Cinadar from Hope 4 Kids international.

Where we think a nice dress is a great thing to have for a special event, for a young lady in a place such as Uganda to be dressed in a new dress with no holes, or torn fabric brings a sense of dignity to her. She is the person in the family to go and get the daily water that they family will use. Just one dress can make a big difference in a young girl that has had to wear the same thing day in and day out, that was given to her that someone else has worn before.

The other important thing about having a new dress: the risk of her getting raped while going for the water declines.

I'll be posting pics from sew fests we've had at our church over the last several months on this blog and also an oppurtunity to help donate to SODAG. If you'd like to donate financially, please make out checks to Living Waters Foursquare Church with "DAG" in the memo. We do need pillowcases, thread, elastic, sewing supplies and other things to keep this ministry running in our area.

Thank you.