Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dresses to Zambia

This was a new adventure for me.

I hadn't done this part of the DAG where it was start to finish on the dresses from creating them and also watching them as they arrived to their location and in contact with so many.

In August one of the activites for the Princess Tea Party was to decorate pillowcase for a young girl in Zambia and I was working on a pen pal project with the girls that came to the tea party.  The project continued on to Azalea Middle school where my friend Ann is in charge of the Leadership class.  The kids in the class painted on the dresses for the girls in Zambia and also wrote letters. 

We were able to get the dresses and also some pants made to send off to Washington in December where a lady there would be leaving for the Peace corp in January and take them to Lusaka Zambia. 

My friend Evie in Lusaka met with Barbara when she arrived and the dresses were given.  The letters will be given at a later date to start the Pen pal project.  Below are a couple of pictures girls in their dresses.

I want to thank Ann Voltz, Barbara Smith and Mike and Lynn for helping make this possible and for Evie for being patient while we worked out things to get her the dresses.